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An adventure lasting more then 30 years


Contributions editorials for magazines and books Print (2010) - High resolution images for exhibitions, books and magazines
ESPON Mapfinder Online Application Web (2011) - On line application
“Impero” di V. M. Manfredi Video (2010) - 3D video animations
Costantine Basilica of Aquileia Video (2016) - 3D animation for TV program “Ulisse: il piacere della scoperta” by Alberto Angela
Ancient Ostia and the Port of Trajan Video (2016) - 3D video animation for TV program “Des Racines et des Ailes”
Great Project Pompeii Video (2016) - Video on the most famous monuments in Pompeii
The Ethernal City Video (2016) - 3D video animations for the exposition “The Eternal City. Splendour of Ancient Rome”
Domus Aurea Video (2016) - 3D video animations for the TV program Artè
Monuments of Ancient Rome Video (2015) -Interactive Video Clips in Full HD
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